Today’s Videos: Little Moments

28 Feb

Nyan is at a pretty fun stage – he’s just happy all the time, exploring, somewhat independent (sorta), talking… just a joy. We’re taking plenty of photos and videos, even when the videos are not all that exciting. Like these two. Shot this morning, before we got him ready for school – partly due to this, Mommy and Daddy were both a little late to work, but so what? We want to remember, and chronicle these little moments, and the big corporations we work for can wait. Sappy, sure, but whatever.

Anyway, here we have him just sort of exploring the office, after throwing the package of swim nappies (swimming lessons on Sunday!) around a little bit.

(Gotta love how he doesn’t listen to Daddy, at all, when Daddy tells him not to mess around with the computer desk. But he snaps right to it when Mommy weighs in…)

And here, a bit later, playing a bit and then deciding that he just HAS to read a financial markets text book right now. Notice how he shoves stuff out of the way to get to the book. Kid loves his books, and we’re quite happy with that!

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