Nyan is 19 (Pics and Video)

26 Feb

We have this great, deep, meaningful essay that’s mostly composed in our head, that we were going to flesh out in honor of today – our boy’s 19-month birthday. It was going to be all about how joyful and happy he is almost all the time; how we’re sure that most people get sick of hearing Mommy and Daddy wax on, and on, and on about how wonderful their little boy is. And how he seems to have entered some magical (and hopefully long-lasting) phase where he’s talking, walking, giggling, and just general being utterly adorable (oops, there we go again). And also we’d note how some of his recent changes have been so gradual that we hardly even notice at the time – like the way he now pretty much insists on feeding himself at all times (and he is eating quite well, we’re happy to report).

Yes, we were going to write all that, but, well, it turned into a rather busy day at work, and you know how that goes. So instead of writing all that, we leave you with a slideshow of a few recent photos of the lad, plus a video of Nyan from his visit with Mommy to the public library the other day. He went crazy for the books, of course – but he also spent a little time on one of the computers. Definitely a digital native.

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