Nyan Thomas and Cousin Mia (pics and video)

31 Dec

Our boy totally adores his cousin Mia, who is five years older than him and who lives in Iowa. They don’t get to see each other too often, sadly, but when they get together, he follows her around non-stop and whatever she does, he does. We try to use this to our advantage – for instance, if Nyan isn’t eating his veggies (or anything at all), we ask Mia to take a bite. She’s happy to comply, and when Nyan sees her chowing down on a piece of broccoli, for instance, he does the same.

They have a lot of fun together regardless. They both love to read:

And there’s always lots of hugs and kisses and giggling:

Not to mention just lots of general goofiness.

BONUS: Nyan also totally adores his UK cousins Hetty and Poppy. Here he is, happily hanging out with them on our return to London the other day.

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