Fun Times with Uncle Jeff

30 Dec

Earlier this month, Uncle* Jeff came through London on business and stayed with us a few nights. Nyan hung out with Jeff and Aunt Michelle in June, and never forgot the red double-decker bus that they bought for him. So he was very happy to see Jeff, to say the least.

(*Technically not his uncle – Jeff is Daddy’s cousin which makes him, what, a second cousin or something. But Uncle is easier.)

There were lots of hugs, shoulder rides, book-reading and general fun.

On Sunday morning, we headed to the Docklands neighborhood of London, where they’ve set up a free exhibit showing new technologies that will make cities more liveable in the future, or something like that. Lots of things for Nyan to play around with and explore:

One fun bit had you stand in front of a Tesla coil and make various motions in time with a video screen, kinda like a video game that has motion detectors attached. The trick was that if you did the motions correctly, it made the Tesla coil shoot off some bolts of electricity. Here’s a video of Mommy trying it – and of course whatever Mommy does, Nyan has to do too! (In his own way.)

The highlight of the weekend was perhaps a ride on the “Emirates Air Link” – a cable car system that spans the River Thames. They built it for the 2012 Olympics, and it makes for a fun way to see the city. We were especially lucky that it was a beautiful, sunny morning, so we got some great views.

And finally here’s a bunch of photos of Nyan, Mommy and Daddy in the cable car. The kid does love the camera, sometimes.

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