So Long, London

21 Apr

So we’ve left London. Nyan and Daddy are having a sojourn in the US for a couple weeks before they join Mommy on the other side of the globe to start their latest adventure. First, though, we had to get out of London, and most importantly, we had to say farewell to our friends – especially Nyan’s friends. So a week or so ago, we threw a party at a nearby pub. A lot of his friends from school showed up. Here’s our boy with a few of them. Don’t worry, all the grumpy faces were just toddlers putting on a show for the camera:

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The party included plenty of food and toys and, yes, chocolate – so by late afternoon, all those kids had a lot of energy to burn off. Which they did by running around the back garden at the pub, including up and down the wheelchair ramp (the one with a sign that says, explicitly, that it’s not to be used for children to play on. Oops). Several videos from that, including lots of running and screaming:

Nyan Thomas, going against the grain:


And here he is giving cuddles (and vamping for the camera) to one of his besties, Adam:


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