Playdate with Kyle, Part One

30 Oct

Nyan’s best friend is a boy named Kyle. Kyle and Nyan go to the same school, and Kyle lives just down the road from Nyan. So last weekend, the two boys (plus the four parents) got together at Kyle’s place for an afternoon and evening of fun and food.

Kyle’s Mommy and Daddy were nice enough to pick us up in their car. Here’s Nyan while we were waiting:

Once we got there, the adults hung out chatting at the table while the two boys played with Kyle’s toys — his dragons, dinosaurs, sticker books, cars and trucks, etc. Standard boy stuff.

Kyle also has an electric car, and his apartment’s main space is big enough that there’s actually room to drive around in it. So off they went, with only a handful of fender benders.

We got video too:

Kyle has an electric train set, too, so Nyan, Kyle and their Daddies spent a little time putting it together and making the trains run.

And here are two boys and their two mommies:


Yes, a very fun time – if it had an off note, it was predictably enough only at the very end, when Nyan did not want to go home, and Kyle didn’t want Nyan to leave. We addressed those issues, sort of, a couple days later, when Kyle came over to Nyan’s house after school for swimming and fun. More on that in Part Two of this post.


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