Two Days at Jurong Bird Park

05 Jun

A few months ago, Nyan spent a couple of Sunday afternoons with his pals at Jurong Bird Park. It’s basically a zoo that’s all about birds. It’s run by the same people who run the Singapore Zoo, and it’s pretty much just as high-quality as the zoo. Lots and lots to see and do.

Here’s Nyan, Kyle and Ava (Kyle’s cousin), holding hands on their way in to the park.

Random photos of the kids at the park:

One of the features is a bird show at an amphitheater, featuring birds flying through hoops, and a parrot singing Happy Birthday, and more.

And check out this random bird at our lunch site. That’s the bird whistling and saying Hi in a female voice. Pretty cool.

It’s a beautiful park, set in the hills and dense jungle of western Singapore, and there’s even a waterfall inside one of the exhibits, which is huge and fenced-in so all the birds can fly around but not fly away.

Here are the kids, running through the jungle away from the ‘monster’ (who we’re pretty sure was the videographer, a.k.a. Daddy. Hmm):

What’s a bird park without penguins? Here are Nyan and Kyle checking them out, and Daddy trying to keep them from stepping where they weren’t supposed to and falling off the ledge. The bit at the end of this video, where things go a little haywire, is when Kyle suddenly jumped into Daddy’s arms. Then Nyan quickly followed suit.

Besides birds and penguins and monsters, Jurong Bird Park has snacks…

…and coin-operated toys…

And maybe best of all: it has a pretty huge water play area, complete with slides, fountains, and a full playground.

Nyan is not too convinced about the water slide at first, but once he makes it down, he sure is proud of himself:

And finally, we saved arguably the best for last. Jurong Bird Park also has a few turtles, for whatever reason, just slowly strolling along inside one of the exhibits. Our hero decided to try to pet one. Brave little guy!

The bird park was definitely a fun couple of afternoons, and definitely highly recommended. We’ll be back.

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