Mommy and Nyan

10 Jun

Long-time readers will remember this thing we do every so often, where we run a series of photos of Mommy holding Nyan, to see how much he’s grown. It’s that time again — it’s been that time for a while, in fact — but our wiggly little toddler doesn’t usually sit still long enough for a decent photo of him being held by Mommy. What’s a blogger to do?

Well, you seize opportunity when it presents itself, and it presented itself the other night at a restaurant: after a very active, nap-less Sunday, Nyan fell asleep at dinner. Just suddenly leaned over, rested his head on Daddy’s arm, and zonked out. On the way out of the restaurant, as Mommy carried him, we thought it the perfect time to take a picture. And so we did. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see his cheeky grin, but at least we can see that the young man continues to get bigger and bigger.


(click to enlarge!)

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