Nyan in the Morning (Video)

13 Aug

Not unlike his parents, our hero is, how shall we say, not always at his best in the mornings. A little grumpy at times, a little touchy now and then, usually takes a little while to get going.

But not today. This morning, we thought he was sleeping late when we suddenly heard a noise through his closed bedroom door. Not crying, or calling out for a morning cuddle. We tip-toed to the door to have a listen:

He was singing.

Nyan was quietly singing “Frere Jacques” (one of his current faves) to himself. We listened for a minute, then gently, quietly, opened the door. He couldn’t see us because of a blanket draped over the side of the crib, but we could see part of him: he was on his belly, butt up in the air, just happily singing to himself. Then the door hit the wall and made a little noise; he instantly stood up, saw Mommy and Daddy, and burst into a big smile. “Cuddle!” he said. He got plenty of ’em.

So he was definitely off on the right foot. And it only got better. Here, a few minutes later:

That’s Nyan pointing out Mommy and Daddy’s car, parked in the street below, to his pal Bo the Cow. Nice way to start the day, for all three of us.

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