Another Singapore Christmas

15 Jan

We’ve lived in Singapore for nearly seven years now, and every year except one, we’ve celebrated Christmas right here in the tropical warmth. 2020 was no different, except we didn’t get to do our usual multi-day beach vacation either before or after the 25th, thanks to ongoing pandemic travel restrictions. Still, we made the most of the season!

Singapore got all dolled up, like it always does. A few random trees from around town:

We had a nice little holiday corner at home too:

Nyan turned the tree into a little play area over the course of the month.

On the big day itself, we opened presents, of course. Nyan got lots of books, which he immediately devoured, and some new pajamas , which he immediately turned into a hat.

We saved the best for last: A Nintendo Switch! “My prayers have been answered,” said the very happy young man.

We had a lazy rest of the day, including a swim and a movie matinee. The next day we spent at the home of Jayden and his family. Hilarity and hijinx ensued.

Bouncy balls:

An actor is born:


Still a goofball while playing video games:

All in all, a very fine Singapore Christmas!

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