Fun Times in the Last Month of 2020

25 Jan

Yes, 2020 was an odd year for everyone. But our hero still managed to have some fun. The last month of the year was no different. Let’s take a quick look at some random moments from the month. 

First, some random photos.

Here he is, enjoying some Garfield over breakfast.

They opened a cafe/restaurant down the road called the Lazy Sloth. Of course we had to go! And yes there are sloths everywhere. A big hit with our sloth-loving boy.

Some more random photos:

Here he is celebrating a trophy for ‘outstanding effort and sportsmanship’ at his holiday soccer camp

One last batch of photos:

And finally, for our last video of 2020: playing with one of his Christmas presents. A globe filled with xenon and neon gases that has colorful rays of electricity when you touch the outside. Very cool!

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