Dance Class! And More Fun Times in July

25 Aug

As you’ve seen, July 2020 was a busy, busy month as we emerged from the coronavirus lockdown. There was more though. Let’s take a look at some random moments, in picture and in video. Some random photos:

Nyan loves to dance, as you’ve seen, so he grudgingly signed up for two sample hip-hop dance classes at a nearby studio. He was nervous that he’d be the only boy in the class, so we convinced his bestie Jayden to attend as well. A fine theory, but in the end they both just sorta goofed off a bit. 

More random photos: 

We did convince Nyan to return for his second class; Jayden couldn’t make it, which made Nyan even more nervous. But he bucked up and went. He was, in fact, the only boy the class (though we bumped into a school classmate on the walk there, and she was in the same dance class; that helped). Here’s the class:

A few more random photos:

One final video from that dance class.

He didn’t want to continue classes, sadly, and we chose not to force him…

More photos:

And last but not least, our hero enjoying a small bowl of gelato,.

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