Summer Break: Fun with Friends

10 Aug

We had plenty of playdates during Nyan’s month-long summer break. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

We had Edris over one afternoon. They played Lego and Minecraft…

And went for a swim:

And goofed around outside:

And had dinner at Nyan’s favorite Italian restaurant.

Another time, Nyan went to Edris’s place and hung out a lot with Coconut, their dog.

We also had a playdate with Oscar and Noe, the identical twins in Nyan’s year at school.

More Minecraft, of course.

Chitchat by the pool:

And LOTS of vamping for the slo-mo camera in the pool.

And of course — of course! — we hung out with Jayden and Jonnie. Here they are, enjoying ice cream:

And enjoying a sunny, breezy day at the beach.

We’ll have more with Jayden soon, and with his other friends too. 

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