Summer Break: Tennis Camp

15 Aug

You’ve seen how Nyan spent a good part of his truncated summer break at soccer camp with his friend Edris. He also spent five mornings at tennis camp, also with Edris.

It was held outdoors, at the tennis courts attached to a hotel downtown. We didn’t get a lot of pics or video from the lessons themselves, but here are the kids doing warm-ups one morning:

And warm-up sprints:

And just being goofy.

Here are Edris and Nyan, walking through the hotel after camp:

In fact, post-camp was surely some of the most fun of the week. We had a decent little walk from the hotel to the train, including passing through a fancy mall. They enjoyed checking out the art gallery in the mall:

The train ride home was lots of fun too. The trains were almost always just about empty, giving the boys plenty of space to goof around, look out the windows, etc. Good stuff.

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