Out for a Stroll (pics and video)

30 Apr

Last Friday evening was beautiful and sunny here in London (yes, we’ve been quite blessed of late with a whole lot of sunshine of late!), and on our return home from school, the young man decided he would rather take a stroll around the neighborhood than going immediately inside. Daddy was happy to oblige, and we’ve got the pictures and video to prove it.

Here’s a random sampling of shots – not the best photography ever, but they’ll do. Note, please, his fascination with the address plaque outside the house up the street – we’ve been working on teaching Nyan numbers, and he can now count 1 through 10 pretty much on his own, and he easily recognizes (and calls out) whenever he sees an individual number. I won’t say he has the concept of what the numbers actually mean, but we’ll get there.

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And here, a couple of videos of Nyan walking and exploring his world. One of his new fascinations, as you’ll see, is storm grates – no matter where he sees one, he stops, points to it, and says “Water!” We couldn’t figure out where he picked that up, until last Sunday at his swimming lesson, he was sitting on the edge of the pool, and pointing to the little grates that line the edge, to catch the water that splashes out of the pool. Aha! Such a clever and alert young man, and very quick to make connections. Proud, us? You betcha.


In this one, when Daddy explains that that’s where water goes when it rains, Nyan says ‘bye bye’ (presumably to the water as it goes down the drain) and blows the water a kiss…

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One response to “Out for a Stroll (pics and video)

  1. Grandma L

    May 1, 2013 at 6:04 am

    I can’t believe how grown up he is getting to be! Talking so much. It will be SO much fun having him here for a few days. Never long enough but certainly better than not at all. 16 days…..


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