Silly, Silly Boy

01 May

We like to keep things pretty positive ’round these parts. This blog is meant, mostly, as a celebration of our little man, and all the charming things he does. That’s why you haven’t read anything here, so far at least, about how he’s now, at 21 months old, tip-toeing his way into the so-called Terrible Twos. Yes, Nyan has been testing boundaries, practicing saying ‘No,’ and figuring out the best way to throw tantrums. The tantrums especially were rather shocking when they first started a couple weeks back, and there has been a small handful of big ones. But for the most part, they’re pretty minor – some crying, some throwing of stuff, and the like – and I think we’re doing okay at responding to them. Or rather, at not responding to them, which I think is pretty much the key.

All this is a long way of saying that things ain’t perfect; our boy can be a handful, and not in a good way. But still, 95 percent of the time, he’s a complete joy. Okay, 90 percent of the time. Whatever; most of the time he’s sweet, charming, funny, inquisitive, loving… and goofy. Like in these two videos. The first one is, dare I say it, an instant classic. It was last Sunday, as we got ready to head to swimming lessons. He decided he would just basically run around the house, making noise, babbling and dancing and, well, being himself. Check it out:

Not bad, eh? (And no, we have no idea what he’s saying, or what language he thinks he’s speaking.)

Here’s a quick one the next morning, doing pretty much the same thing.

Ah, our boy. Yes, he’ll throw the occasional tantrum – you’re unlikely to see video of that, for which you should thank us – but overall? Yeah, the kid’s alright. We think we’ll keep him.


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