What’s in a Name?

17 Jul

A month or so ago, soon after we arrived in California, our hero — the young man with the active imagination — suddenly decided that his name was no longer Nyan. Nope: we were to call him…. Eagle. Who were we to object?


All was good, and we toured around northern California, happily calling our son Eagle. And then, on a lunchtime stroll along the Santa Cruz boardwalk, “Eagle” pointed to the sky and said “Look, Mommy and Daddy — an eagle!” We looked up into the sunny sky, expecting to see a bald eagle soaring there. Um, nope.


That’s right. Our son had taken the word ‘seagull’ and turned it into his new name, Eagle. Not quite as majestic…

But whatever; we kept calling him Eagle. A few days later, we made it to Iowa, where Eagle woke up one morning declaring his name was now… Digger. Okay then… later that day, Grandma read Nyan, er Eagle, er Digger, a book called Baby Whale. Moments later, Digger had another new name:


Baby Whale!

Baby Whale stuck with us for a long time. Like two weeks or more. Making the mistake of calling Nyan “Nyan” would get you a quick rebuke. “No I’m Baby Whale!” Sometimes Daddy would tease the poor marine mammal by ‘mistakenly’ calling him Eagle. “No Daddy, I’m Baby Whale!” Okay, Baby Whale…

Then, as suddenly as the Baby Whale Era began, it was over. A few days ago, the lad woke up and declared he had a new name. He’s now known as… Nemo! We’re not at all sure what prompted this latest change; yes, he’s seen Finding Nemo a couple of times, and enjoyed it, but he hadn’t seen it of late, far as we know. Who knows how that little guy’s mind works.

In any case, we’re now several days into the Nemo Epoch. Soon after it started, Mommy and Daddy took a business trip to Florida, and what do you think we found at a local candy shop? Well, yes, there were stuffed Peppa Pigs, but we didn’t get Nyan any of those. But we did purchase this little fella for our little Nemo:

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. We just hope we won’t need to rename this website.

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