Killing Time at the Denver Airport

20 Jul

Our trip last month from San Francisco to Iowa City took us through Denver International Airport. Our connecting flight was delayed by an hour or so, so Nyan and Daddy had some time to kill. Here’s how we killed it.

We had a bit of fun on the moving sidewalks, with help from Nyan’s navigator (as he called him), Woody:

(We actually went back and forth on the moving sidewalks a LOT. Hey, it kept him entertained for a bit.)

We also just hung out by the departures/arrivals boards, checking out our fellow Americans, letting our imagination run wild.

And by our gate, we played around with a couple of kids who were waiting for the same plane. Nyan and the little boy were about the same age, and they got into an extended discussion about all the vehicles they could see out on the tarmac. Fuel trucks, the various types of jet planes, etc.

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