Nyan Thomas Does California

28 Jul

As you’ve read, we spent a little time in California last month. Here’s a bit of what we got up to.

We hung out in San Francisco:

And we visited Stinson Beach, north of the Golden Gate:

One afternoon we stopped off in lovely Palo Alto on a lovely sunny afternoon, where we met a nice young couple in a playground, with two kids of their own. We played with them for a bit, and Nyan ran around in the playground:

We also drove down Highway 1 along the Pacific coast and took some shots:

One evening, while waiting for a taxi back to the hotel, Nyan decided to race himself, as he does.

Note how he’s full of beans late at night? That’s the jet lag talking. Not to worry: he got plenty of sleep. Usually in the middle of the afternoon.

Tired little guy. But he had a blast!

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