Fun Times in Iowa (Part One)

31 Jul

We’ve been in Iowa — Daddy’s home state — for, gosh, six weeks? seven weeks? Something like that. It’s safe to say that Nyan has had the Best Summer Ever. In no particular order, he’s enjoyed a nonstop stream of toys, fire trucks, swimming, cement mixers, trains, Grandma and Grandpa, cows, books, fishing, fuel trucks, airplanes, cousins and aunts and uncles, car rides… I’m sure I’ve forgotten about a zillion things.

And of course, Daddy has been snapping about a zillion pictures. Here, in no particular order, are a small sampling. Most of these are from late June, early in our sojourn here. We’ll post up some more in coming days.

Bonus, just for fun: a couple of shots of Iowa at sunset at the peak of summer. Pretty, no?

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