Bunky Visits Singapore!

22 Apr

As we’ve seen before, Nyan and Elizabeth – a.k.a. Bunky, a.k.a. Mommy’s BFF Sharon’s daughter — get along like long-lost brother-and-sister. So they were both super excited when she came for a visit! Bunky (and her parents) stayed with us a few nights and also spent a few nights at a resort hotel. Here’s some of what they got up to.

We managed to get a fair number of photos of the two of them posing:

Nyan is a bit older than Bunky and enjoyed playing the big brother to her, including reading to her at night:

We spent some time at their hotel, where Nyan and Bunky slid down the waterslide:

And splashed in the pool:

And chased around the peacocks that wander the hotel grounds:

Mostly though, they just enjoyed hanging out, skipping down the street, being pals.



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