Happy Birthday to Kyra and Chryssa!

02 Apr

Nyan’s classmate Kyra and her younger sister Chryssa have birthdays around the same time, so their parents (wisely) decided to throw a single party for both. It was at their condo complex right next door to ours, and featured lots of kids from Nyan’s school.

Ballon sculpture was a big hit:

And there were other balloons too:

The highlight, though, was surely the magic show.


The kids were hyped for it:

Okay, it wasn’t all magic. Part of it involved the MC just getting the kids to scream as loud as they could.

This is an interesting video. Nyan’s friends are *really* into the magician’s show. Nyan, though, seems distracted and finally gets up to go get… well, watch and find out.

And did we mention the balloons? Yeah, the kids loved the balloons.

All in all, a great afternoon!

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