A Month of Summer

28 Aug

July was an awesome month, filled with travels and day camps, but it was also filled with lots of smaller moments. There wasn’t a lot of stress – it was summertime, remember? – but there was a lot of fun. Here’s some of it.

One Sunday evening, we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a free concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. There was a picnic, there was cotton candy, there was music. Nice.

Another evening, we went to our neighborhood trattoria, where they know and love Nyan. The pizza chef invited him back to make his own pizza!

Some random pics:

When Nyan was in utero, and when he was a baby, Daddy would read him the Dr Seuss book, “Oh Baby the Places You’ll Go” nearly every night. (It was a pre-birth gift from his cousin Mia.) Now that he’s a big boy, he reads it himself.

More photos:

Telling a story in the midst of doing abacus homework:

And more photos:

One day, Nyan decided he would draw up some instructions to remind Mommy how to play. We’re not entirely sure what he means here, but the sentiment is nice.


Robotic rattlesnake in progress:

The same snake a week later, with a little technical issue too (plus a display of one of Nyan’s most annoying habits, to be frank – always blaming other people for problems that sometimes aren’t anyone’s fault.)

One last batch of photos:

Goofball showing us what he was calling the “fart dance.” Have we mentioned that Nyan is a seven year old boy?

Yup, it was a good month.

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