Nyan Thomas Goes Swimming (pics and video)

13 Jun

Our boy has never, ever been afraid of being in the water; his nightly bath is perhaps his favorite time of the day, and getting him out of the tub is never easy. So we were very excited to learn that Cousin Mia had left an inflatable pool at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Last Saturday, the first hot day since we got here, we blew it up – it’s an impressive thing, with two sections, a small slide, and a seahorse that sprays water out of its mouth if you hook a hose up to it – and got Nyan into his swimsuit. Mia came over and put on her swimsuit as well, and the two of them splashed, swam and laughed for quite a while. Okay, so Nyan was a little confused at first, as you can see in the video down below: he was a wallflower, clinging to the side and tepidly splashing his hand in the water. But before long he was all over the place, as the pics prove. (Click any picture to start a slideshow)

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