Dinner at Nyan’s Favorite Place

05 Aug

Every so often – too often for Mommy and Daddy, to be frank – we treat Nyan to a meal at his favorite-ever cafe, a place down the road called Batter Fluffy Flaps. He’s always loved the place. Not sure why, but probably part of it is because the staff are lovely and friendly and let him run around all he wants. There’s also a chalkboard where he can draw, a couch to hang out on, a small bar areas where he likes to eat, and cool post-industrial decor combined with cute Japanese cartoon characters. It’s an odd but charming little place.

It also happens to be just down from another restaurant that has a disabled motorcycle on display out front; on our way home from BFF, Nyan often loves to climb aboard and pretend to be riding.


Oh, and there’s ice cream. Sometimes they give him a little taste for free; sometimes he gets a full scoop or even a cone. No matter what though, a sticky mess is guaranteed.

Bonus: in writing this blog post, the author learned the real name of the place (Battery Fluffy Flaps). We’ve been calling it Batty Flappy Flaps for three-plus years now. Live and learn.

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