A Great Day at the Circus

02 Aug

We had long heard of how wonderful the animal-free Canadian circus called Cirque du Soleil is. So when they launched a six-week run here in Singapore, we made sure to get tickets for a late-Sunday-afternoon performance. We were definitely not disappointed.

Here we are outside the tent, pre-show. It was a *very* bright and hot afternoon.

In our seats:

And the circus itself. It’s hard to describe, really. There are some traditional circus acts, like contortionists and tightrope walkers (also tightrope bike riders). And there’s things like a dude stacking chairs to 40 feet in the air, then doing handstands from atop that stack. And the Wheel of Death – two giant hamster wheel-type things that spin independently and also spin around a central point between them, with two guys running and jumping inside the wheels and then climbing on top, running in place as the wheels spin, jumping and flying for a moment as the wheels rotate away from them. You can find examples on Youtube, and it’s well worth checking out. Just spectacular.

We were all quite impressed overall. Afterwards, we snapped some pictures of the Singapore skyline at dusk:

And then had dinner at the nearby Marina Bay Sands mall. Our hero was pooped and started to fall asleep in mommy’s arms at the table:


But by the time we’d paid the bill and headed for home, he perked up more than enough to toss some coins into the black marble fountains to make a wish or two.

All in all, a great day.

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