Nyan Turns Six! 

08 Aug

We couldn’t quite believe it, but the calendar didn’t seem to be lying: on July 26, our boy turned six years old. Where does the time go, and all that. But there wasn’t much time to ponder the sifting sands of time, because we had a birthday to celebrate!

His birthday this year fell on a Wednesday, which means a school day. So we did what we did last year: ordered a special cake and brought it in to share with all his classmates. Here’s the cake:


There were candles of course. And songs.

As Mommy cut the cake, Nyan played the gracious host, passing out napkins to his friends.

Then everyone patiently lined up and got cake. Nyan helped here, too.

Here are all the kids, enjoying the cake and the party.

Of course, it’s not a birthday without presents! Nyan was quite happy as he opened his various gifts. When he saw that he was getting a Lego Batwing, he exclaimed, “Yes! All my dreams are coming true!”

Coming soon: a look at a very special Sunday with Nyan’s besties to celebrate his birthday.

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