Nyan Thomas, Multi-Cultural Eater

24 Mar

As you may know, Nyan is part Iowan and part Asian. You won’t find much of a better example of this than some snackin’ Nyan undertook the other day. Dried seaweed and corn on the cob. (Separately, that is.)

First, the seaweed:

And the corn:

The corn, by the way, comes from Malaysia. And while Nyan likes it just fine, Daddy has to report that, no, it’s nowhere near as good as Iowa corn. (In fact, it’s such a pale imitation that Daddy can’t bring himself to eat Malaysian corn on the cob. Nyan doesn’t seem to mind though.)

Also by the way: at the end of the video, you’ll hear Nyan whining. What he’s saying is “But later, the bugs will cry!” See, we were discussing how we were going to tackle a swarm of flies that had invaded the house (it’s a tropical thing, apparently) and Nyan apparently thought our methods were a bit too severe. Bless him.

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