The Sounds of Nyan

03 Sep

Our baby can’t talk yet, of course. But he’s very communicative and vocal: when he’s hungry or needs a diaper change, he quickly and loudly lets us know. But Nyan has a whole host of other sounds he makes, and he has added to his repertoire in recent days. We’ve given them their own names:

R2D2 – when he’s working on the bottle and gets really into it, he starts making little beeping noises, sounding not unlike a robot.

The donkey – another favorite or eating time, this one is a combination of a wheeze and a loud exhale. (It’s hard to put sounds into words!) Sorta like he’s saying ‘hee-haw’ or ‘eeyore.’ Donkey-like.

The dove – this is a new one in recent days, and comes when he’s relaxed: Soft, gentle coos. Utterly charming.

Jungle birds – related to the dove and R2D2, he’ll just make random chirping noises that sound like a toucan or some other brightly colored bird. Maybe he picked these up when we took him, in utero, to Costa Rica in late winter…

He’s got other animal connections too. Among the nicknames that Auntie Emerald came up with for him was Froggy, because he will often bend his knees up and out, frog-like, and just sit there like that. He also has a maneuver we call the Great White or simply the Shark – that’s when he’s really hungry, or just in a mood, and as the bottle is getting near to his mouth, he’ll pucker up his lips and shake his head aggressively back and forth, like a great white grabbing hold of a seal.

Here’s a minute-long video of the boy showing off some of the sounds, along with a handful of hiccups. Just click here.

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