Nyan Thomas, Arctic Explorer

06 Jan

It’s an almost-pleasant 52 rainy degrees (Fahrenheit) in London this January evening – just a wee bit nicer than the -17 degrees (Fahrenheit) or so that our friends and family back in the Midwest are suffering through right now. So it seems fitting, somehow, to post these pictures: It’s Nyan Thomas, decked out for whatever Mother Nature can throw at him, in a snazzy snowsuit and boots courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa.

These were taken in mid-December, when we were back in Iowa, and when the temperature was around 10 degrees F – bloody stinking cold, although nearly tropical compared to what it’s like there now. And yes, there was snow on the ground – but no, our boy had no interest in going out to play in it. “No want snow. Is cold.” Smart kid, actually, although making a snowman would have been fun. Someday perhaps.

But we did head outside, for a bit, in the bitter cold. Nyan was totally fine with it, decked out in his finest thermal ware. And of course he wanted to ride on Daddy’s shoulders, and of course Daddy was happy to oblige.


(No, he’s not looking especially happy in this shot. But trust us – the kid had a blast.)


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