Home Again

20 Jan

As you saw in the last post, Nyan Thomas had an unexpected trip to Colchester over the weekend while Mommy and Daddy got over their flu-like symptoms. He came home this evening, exhausted and very happy and – so far – still showing no signs of any illness himself, though we will monitor him closely.

In any case, he was one jolly little fella this evening, as you can see here. (Mommy and Daddy were doing something down the hall, in the kitchen, when we heard his voice…we snuck down the hall, camera in hand, hoping to catch him doing whatever; but we live in a 130-year-old house and the floorboard squeaked, dammit, so he knew we were there…)


I love how he gets up from his comfy seat when Daddy can’t get the lighting just right… Actually there’s a lot to love in this video.

(No video exists of the massive tantrum he threw when it was time for a bath; when the little dude gets tired, he gets *really* tired and nothing will console him. Not pretty. But after a few minutes of screaming, bawling, crying, and slapping at Daddy, he’s over it and he’s giving cuddles and kisses again. But no video of that either.)

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