Nyan Thomas, M.D.

19 Jan

It’s been an unpleasant few days here at Nyan Thomas World HQ. Starting Thursday, Mommy was bed-ridden with what we’ll call flu-like symptoms (achey, fever, no energy, etc). And starting Friday evening, Daddy was the same. So far – touch lots of wood – our hero is still healthy, though we’re monitoring him closely and in fact today sent him to Colchester with Uncle Iain, partly to keep him from our viruses, partly to allow Mommy and Daddy to rest. And also so he could actually have some fun with various aunties, uncles and cousins, rather than mope around the house with a couple of sick old people.

So far so good, in any case: we seem to be on the mend.

But this morning, and yesterday, Nyan was nothing but gorgeous. He was cuddly, he wasn’t *too* demanding on our time, and best of all, he was our personal physician: he found this baby thermometer with a frog’s head at one end and decided that was his ‘doctor stick.’ So he’d walk up to one of us (likely as we were prone on the couch or bed, half awake) and ask where it hurts. We’d point to an elbow, or leg, or head, and he’d rub that spot with his doctor stick. “All better!” and sure enough, we were all better! “Why thank you, Dr. Nyan L.,” we would exclaim.

This morning (Sunday) we all felt a wee bit better, so we hung out in the front room for a bit. Here’s Nyan being silly and fun (not sure what’s up with that hair though…)

And here he is having a massive phone conversation with Phwa Phwa, Grandma and Grandpa all at once!

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