Preschool Graduation!

03 Dec

Nyan, of course, has been attending his primary school for a few months now. His old preschool, Modern Montessori International, is on a different annual schedule, so the kids who are going on to local schools (rather than the “international” school that Nyan goes to) have still been going to MMI, ahead of their new school year that starts in January (rather than the August school year start for Nyan’s school). Got all that?

The upshot is that in November, MMI threw its annual graduation ceremony for all the kids who are leaving. Nyan and several other kids who left in August came back and joined their classmates for the festivities.

Here’s the procession into the auditorium.

All the graduates, standing on the stage. So serious!


And the main event (for us anyway): Nyan bravely marching across the stage to get his diploma from Uncle Jimmy.

Before the ceremony, there was lots of hugging as all the kids got together. But there were also some nerves, methinks.

We’ve surely said this before, but MMI was such a great experience – great teachers and fantastic kids whom we really hope Nyan can stay in touch with.

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