Christmastime in the Tropics

06 Dec

We don’t get a white Christmas in Singapore – surely it has never, ever snowed here; cannot imagine a scenario in which that would be remotely possible – but given that (a) Singapore was a British colony for many years and (b) Singapore is all about consumerism, Christmas is a fairly big deal here. It certainly is around our house, thanks to a certain six-year-old boy.


One of the highlights of each November for Nyan is helping to decorate our fake Christmas tree. We’ve had it for three or four years now; each year, Daddy thinks briefly about replacing it, but then he thinks, ‘Why bother? It’s still in fine enough shape, and it does the job.’ This year, Nyan did almost all of the ornament-hanging himself.

As mentioned, Singapore gets really into Christmas. Here are some shots of how the commercial buildings do it.

Expect more photos and videos regarding Christmas coming very soon!

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