Fun Days at the New School

20 Dec

As we’ve reported, Nyan has taken quite well to his new school. Let’s take a quick look at some recent activities.

Here is an assignment he did for class: the children were to come up with a scenario that presented a problem, and then use this certain system (the “T.A.G. system”) to solve the problem. Nyan’s illustrations are pretty awesome.

Another day, they took a quick field trip to the nearby post office. As part of the trip, the kids wrote letters to their parents and addressed an envelope, then mailed them off. The next day, this lovely letter was in our mailbox:

One of Nyan’s extracurricular courses this fall was called “Race car engineering.” Kind of like the old-fashioned soap box derby, it involved the kids building plastic race cars that they would then race around a track. Here are some pictures of Nyan and Jayden working on their cars (these are photos of photos that were on display at school, hence the weird quality), plus a video of Nyan in deep concentration.

Let’s see a couple of random pictures: heading home after school on a rainy day, all dressed in his uniform and reading a bit before school.

And last but not least: a goofy video of a goofy boy, full of high spirits when he arrives home after a fun school day.


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