My Little Pony with Friends

16 Dec

So there’s a movie based on the My Little Pony tv show or line of toys (or both?), and Nyan expressed some interest in going. Mommy decided it’d be fun to take along a few of his friends. The guest list blossomed until the event saw Mommy and Phwa Phwa chaperoning Nyan, Adriana, Kyra, Chrysa, Valentina and Isla to the movie theater, then to a café for lunch, then back to our place for some playtime. It was a pretty intense day, but a lot of fun too.

We weren’t able to get any pictures of the movie theater itself, but imagine a whole bunch of excitable kids and you’ll get a good sense.

Here they are post-movie, having some grub at Nyan’s fave, Batter Flappy Flaps.

And back to our place for more noise-making and general frivolity:

Eventually we all went down to the playground for more fun until it was time to go home. (The only pics we have are of Nyan and Adriana, as it happens – but all the girls were there and having fun too!)

All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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