The Great September Soccer Challenge

12 Oct

The coaches who run Nyan’s Saturday afternoon soccer clinic thought it’d be a good idea to have teams from another soccer clinic come by for a few games. A good idea for sure – see other kids, get the competitive juices flowing, learn the value of teamwork, and all that.

Unfortunately, the kids that showed up were a little bit older and a lot bit better.

I mean, Nyan’s team wasn’t *terrible*. Not really. They just weren’t quite as experienced, I guess.

Nyan showed more interest than we might have expected, though he clearly doesn’t quite have the proverbial eye of the tiger.

Yeah, Nyan’s fairly easily distracted. Oh well, he’s having fun:

And fun is what it’s all about, really. Even though Nyan’s team lost their games by several goals – about 3-0 for each of three games, I think, though Nyan’s team did manage to score at least once — the kids had fun, as you can see from these group shots at the end.

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