Back to MMI, Briefly

08 Oct

In mid-September, we got word that Nyan’s old school, MMI, would be taking class pictures. We thought it’d be nice to get one last picture of Nyan with all his classmates, since he spent more than half the calendar year there, so we headed over to MMI one morning before Chatsworth (his current/new school).

This being the last year at MMI for this group of kids, they put on graduation gowns for both individual and group photos. Here’s Nyan getting set for his host of individual shots:

And prepping for the group shot:

There was some time to goof around with his pals, too:

A few weeks after that, Chatsworth was closed for teacher meetings, so Nyan went back to MMI to spend the day. Had a blast too:

They were doing a unit on space and planets, and the teacher used some app on her smartphone to make it look like the kids were holding planets. Pretty cool:

And, yeah, more goofing around with, and hugging, his classmates:

Want to see how those class photos came out? Sure you do. Here you go:

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