Weekend Fun

04 Oct

This blog has multiple themes. One of them is that our boy leads a rich and varied life – especially on the weekends. Let’s take a look at a couple of recent weekend events.

First up: Kara’s birthday. Kara is the younger sister of Nyan’s bestie Kyle. She was turning two, so her folks threw her a party at their condo, with a lot of time in the pool, lots of great food, and of course cake and general running around.

Oh, and goofing around with selfies, along with Kyle and his mom Sara:

Another day, Nyan and Daddy went to a Lego exhibit downtown. It was a traveling show of some of the world’s greatest structures, made out of Legos.

Pretty impressive. But Nyan, frankly, was a little bored with this section of the exhibit. Probably because he knew that, around the next corner, there were large rooms full of Legos he could play with. So off we went.

Just look at all those Legos!


So Nyan built a racecar, and raced it down the sloping track. Not bad.

Finally, in the last room of the exhibit, there were still more Legos — but all of them were white, and there was but a limited selection of shapes. The idea was to challenge the kids to construct their own buildings. So construct Nyan did:

And when all was said and done and built, Nyan got to place his engineering marvel on the big table with all the other constructions.

Quite proud, and understandably so.

So that’s just some of the recent weekend fun our boy got up to.

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