Taekwondo: Level Up!

13 Dec


Much like his parents, Nyan has never shown much athletic ability, nor much interest. And that’s fine! We’re perfectly okay with that, although we’ll keep him in soccer a while longer for the exercise and teamwork aspects, and will continue to encourage him to get exercise, to swim, to run. Healthy habits start early. We’re also keeping him in taekwondo, and he’s really starting to show some results.

In early November, there was another grading exercise – that’s where hundreds of taekwondo students from across the island converge on a studio in central Singapore to show off their moves and, if they do them right, advance to the next level. So early one Sunday morning, off we went. In the car:

Here’s our martial artist, practicing his moves before going into the actual grading room.

So did he pass? He did. Here’s his instructor, Mr Lee, giving Nyan his next belt – yellow-tip. Look how proud Nyan is and how he’s trying to hard to be serious and not smile!

And finally, showing off his moves.

Next up: a full yellow belt.

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