Nyan Thomas Does Hong Kong

25 May

Last month, after a few nice but rainy days in Tokyo, we popped over to Hong Kong on our way back to Singapore. (Yes, our boy was in three of the world’s great cities in the space of a single week. Rough life, eh?) Here’s some of what we got up to.

The territory of Hong Kong includes an island, where much of the central business district is, across a harbor from the Chinese mainland, where the Kowloon section of Hong Kong is. From Kowloon you get a pretty spectacular vista of the Hong Kong skyline, day or night:

There are lots and lots of boats in the harbor – something that pleased Nyan greatly.

One morning we headed up to Victoria Peak, a ridge overlooking Hong Kong on one side and the mostly undeveloped southern part of the island on the other. You get up there on a very steep cable car/tram, and at the top are some restaurants and tourist shops, plus some pretty amazing views.

And we did a lot of just wandering around the city, soaking up the scene. It’s quite an intense city, with some pretty interesting architecture, as well as some very interesting housing stock.

Some random shots of Nyan from around the town: posing like a lion outside the HSBC bank headquarters; relaxing in the window of our hotel; kinda-sorta posing for a family portrait.

And finally, here’s our boy on the plane — transfixed by something on his video screen — and at the airport, transfixed by all the planes.

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