Nyan Thomas, ‘Skilled Painter’

24 May

As you may know, Nyan’s been taking an art enrichment class at school — an hour or so per week where they do a variety of painting and drawing and coloring, experimenting with color combinations, and so forth. We also take him to a nearby art studio twice a week — an hour on Tuesday evenings for painting/drawing, and an hour on Saturday mornings for clay. He absolutely loves it all.

On Friday, we got a small package of photos from the school’s art instructor, showing Nyan in action in the class, as well as the teacher’s assessment of Nyan in class. He is, we are told, a skilled painter. a sensitive and sensible boy, well loved by classmates, takes pride in helping his classmates, and also “always full of wacky ideas.” Here, check it out for yourself (click to enlarge):

Proud parents, us? You bet.

Bonus: here’s Nyan at the art studio the other day. Hard at work on his latest masterpiece. At the end of class he was showing it off to his teacher. Daddy whipped out his camera and said to Nyan: “Give us a smile!” You can see the result. Yes, that’s our boy and his wacky ideas.

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