Alive and kicking

19 Dec


Young Nyan Thomas has been winning the hearts and minds of the United Kingdom for the past two weeks. He and his mommy have been getting deservedly spoiled with family love, home-cooked meals, and lots of sleep. Daddy’s been missing them, of course, but he’ll be over there soon enough. For now, he’s limited to occasional Skype calls. On Skype, you can take (fairly low-resolution) screen shots of the person you’re speaking to – such as this one, from earlier today:

That’s our boy, lounging on a blanket on the floor, watching the BBC news reports about Kim Jong Il’s death… and though you can’t see it in this still frame, kicking up a storm, as he always does. (Hence the title of this post.)

More regular Nyan-blogging will resume shortly, folks. Thanks for the patience.


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2 responses to “Alive and kicking

  1. Grandma L

    December 20, 2011 at 1:37 am

    Ahhhh… He looks like he’s really grown!! Sure makes me want to get my hands on him again. Know he’s having a great time charming his family in England.


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