Today’s photos: selections from Colchester

28 Dec

Here are a few photos from recent days here in Colchester. Today, young Nyan Thomas came face to face with wolves, tigers, a couple of Burmese pythons, and some iguanas. Yes, we went to the Colchester Zoo! Photos on that trip coming soon (sneak preview: mom and dad were more impressed than their son, five months being a bit young for a child to really enjoy a zoo, but hey…). Here are a few from recent days, with more coming soon:

Check out this sequence of the boy doing his newest trick: rolling over! Actually this series misses the part where he goes from his usual on-his-back post and rolls onto his belly and lifts his head high and proud; this gets the tail end of that sequence, in which he flops back onto his back. It’s quite a sight to see, regardless.

And here’s the young man after a bath:

And just loving life:

Finally, we’ve posted some more photos on Facebook; just click here.


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