Advancing in Taekwondo Again

16 Dec

Nyan goes to taekwondo class every Thursday evening. Every three months or so, they run a “grading” exercise where everyone shows off what they’ve learned and, if they do it well, they advance to the next level of training and get a new belt. 

The grading is on a Sunday morning in an old shopping mall, and usually attracts hundreds of kids, grouped by the dozens. We show up, Nyan gets his gear on, and the kids wait for the call to go in and do their routines, waiting outside the grading classroom, across an interior courtyard area from where the parents wait. The kids practice their moves and goof around a bit, as Daddy takes photos and videos from across the way.

Those pics and video are from the November 2019 grading exercise. A couple weeks later, we got the call from the studio: he passed! He gets a new belt! The new belt comes at a brief ceremony before his weekly class.

And here he is with all his classmates, in his new belt.

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