Sunday morning yoga and guitar playin’ (videos)

27 Mar

Sundays are all about fun, and this past Sunday was no exception. We had a great time in the swimming pool – the kid is really getting into it; he would sit on the edge of the pool and fall into Daddy’s arms in the water with no hesitation – but before that, we had some fun around the house. And we’ve got the videos to prove it.

This one shows Nyan checking out Mommy’s flashcards that show different yoga poses. And then – clever lad that he is – he shows off his own yoga pose! Pretty sure this is called the downward dog:


At the end, you can see one of his tricks: he knows there’s a dummy (pacifier) on the chest of drawers, and he wants it. We have been refusing him the dummy of late, because he doesn’t need it; just a habit that we need to break. But he wants it, but of course isn’t tall enough to get it. So what does he do? He goes to Mommy and asks for a cuddle, knowing that she’ll pick him up. And, sure, he loves cuddles – but in this case, it’s just a ruse to get closer to the dummy! The boy is no dummy, that’s for sure. (It didn’t work, by the way; we didn’t give it to him.)

A bit later in the morning, here’s Mommy strumming and singing to the lad, who then decides to add his own guitar stylings:


All in a day’s play for young Nyan Thomas (who, it should be noted, turned 20 months old yesterday!)


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