Today’s Videos: Umbrellas and a Whistle

29 Mar

Fun times after school the other day. First, Nyan Thomas has discovered a new toy: Mommy’s umbrellas! He’ll see them perched by the front door and demand that Daddy take them out and open them up. He then proceeds to try to carry them, or dance on top of them, for a couple of minutes before he gets bored and moves on to something else.

This next video is from later that same day. He’d just had a nice filling dinner and demanded that Daddy give him this plastic implement he saw on the countertop. It’s a syringe-like thingie that helps you get liquid vitamins, medicines etc. into a squirmy toddler’s mouth – a clear hollow tube with a small hole at one end and a bigger one at the other, and a smaller purple tube that goes into the hollow tube and acts as the plunger. Nyan started playing with the hollow clear tube and discovered that it easily turns into a whistle! Here he is showing off his new musical chops.

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