Day at the Museum

29 Mar

Nyan Thomas, Mommy and Daddy visited London’s Horniman Musem today – a natural history museum of sorts with a mishmosh of items, including this gigantic taxidermied walrus:


The place is filled with hundreds of such stuffed animals, many of which Nyan has been looking at in his books for months now – so for him, it was like they all came to life. Er, came to being stuffed. You know what I mean. There were owls, foxes, seals, dozens of birds, monkeys, a gorilla… He impressed us at one point by pointing across the room to a case and shouting “Emu!” It was an ostrich, but it looks a lot like an emu, so he definitely gets points for that.

Horniman House also has a small aquarium. It’s really just the right size for a young’un – maybe a dozen tanks of fish, plus a jellyfish display. Enough to keep him interested, but not so overwhelming that it takes hours to get through. Nyan was pretty intrigued, as you can see:

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The place also has a room full of musical instruments, and outside there are nature trails and a petting zoo – and all of it free, aside from the aquarium, which carries a small fee. We’ll definitely be going back.


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