Today’s Photos: Easter Bonnet!

31 Mar


On Wednesday evening, Daddy was picking up Nyan from school when one of his carers mentioned there was to be an Easter bonnet parade on Thursday. “Have him bring a hat if you can. It’s too late for an Easter bonnet, I suppose, but that’s okay, just a hat will be fine.” Well. Daddy mentioned this to Mommy that evening, and she sprung into action, under the mantra of ‘no kid of mine is marching in an Easter bonnet parade without an Easter bonnet!’ She spent a few hours that evening whipping up a little something. Daddy was dead impressed. He’ll admit he was a little worried that Nyan might not like wearing the thing, but Daddy was wrong: the boy loved it. The parade went off without a hitch – imagine a couple dozen toddlers wandering around a backyard in their Easter bonnets – and guess who won the prize for Best Easter Bonnet. Go ahead, just guess. Yep: our boy. Well done, Mommy!

We have no photos of the parade itself, but here is he, modeling his bonnet later that day.

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One response to “Today’s Photos: Easter Bonnet!

  1. Grandma L

    March 31, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    These are so darn cute!! I’m surprised he’d leave it on. I’m very impressed with his mom’s creative ability. Good job Beatrice!!! Getting so anxious for him to come see us….


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