Progress on the Scooter

03 Mar

Long-time readers may remember that Nyan has had, for about a year and a half now, a scooter. Those readers may also remember from past posts that Nyan has yet to prove himself, how to put this politely, skilled at scooting. Well, fear no more: the lad is actually coming along in leaps and bounds when it comes to playground mobility. Look:

He doesn’t yet have the whole turning thing down pat, and his idea of braking so far involves him running into the grass until the scooter’s momentum is lost, or else just stepping off the thing. But still, he’s getting good and having fun at the same time. Perfect. (Other than the bit at the end where he tries to intentionally run into Daddy…)

For comparison’s sake, here he is back in March of last year in London:

And this past August:

See? Progress.


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